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The Project

The Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Sport is the initiator of the national project YOUTH INVOLVED IN ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACTIVITIES, funded by the Ministry of Environment - Environment Fund Administration - the Program for educating and raising awareness of the public regarding the environmental protection.

The national project will be implemented during July - August 2011, by bringing, for four days, 1296 pupils and students at Sambata Academy – Brancoveanu Monastery located in Sambata de Sus, Brasov County. ARCES instructors and volunteers will accomplish the education and raise awareness program.

The project’s general objective is: educating the young generation in the spirit of respecting and protecting the nature by presenting the environment factors and their influence on the environment and involving the participants in collecting waste from public places.
Pupils and students selection will be performed publicly, in the 8 development euro-regions in Romania, namely Bucharest-Ilfov, South Muntenia, South-East, North-East, Center, North-West, West, South-West, subject to observing the principles of equality of chances and nondiscrimination.
The pupils and students will benefit, free of charge, from transport, accommodation and meal, presentations for 6 specific subjects on environment protection, greening activities for Sambata river valley, educational materials.

Project schedule is as follows:

Euro - region
Participating students and students from the counties:
04.07.2011 07.07.2011
North - West
Bihor, Bistrița Năsăud, Cluj, Sălaj, Maramureș, Satu Mare
11.07.2011 – 14.07.2011
Sibiu, Alba, Braşov, Covasna, Harghita, Mureş
14.07.2011 – 17.07.2011
North - East
Bacău, Botoşani, Neamţ, Iaşi, Suceava, Vaslui
18.07.2011 – 21.07.2011
Arad, Caraş Severin, Hunedoara, Timiş
21.07.2011 – 24.07.2011
South - Muntenia
Prahova, Argeş, Călăraşi, Dâmboviţa, Giurgiu, Ialomiţa, Teleorman
18.08.2011 – 21.08.2011
South - West
Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinţi, Olt, Vâlcea
22.08.2011 – 25.08.2011
Bucharest - Ilfov
Bucharest, Ilfov county
26.08.2011 – 29.08.2011
South - East
Brăila, Buzău, Constanţa, Galaţi, Vrancea, Tulcea


Regions map: